Desert Sound Colony – Pulled Through The Wormhole EP – HHANDS014


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We’re going to have to try really, really hard not to use cliches like ‚oi oi‘ here – Desert Sound Colony adds to an oeuvre that has given us some of the finest dark garage of recent years with a rave bomb that’s neither nostalgic nor chin strokey in all the right ways. A broken party gem that should work across anything below the 140s, providing you’ve got the ideas, it’s enough to make you batter down the doors of the nearest club.

Not just one, two or even three delights, all four tracks on offer are excellent specimens; the hypnotic badman vibes of ‚Pulled Through The Wormhole‘, appropriately titled chaotic acid workout ‚The Gobbler‘, and the bone rattle percussion of ‚Echo Shaper‘ collectively making this damn near essential.